How to get featured on DNY ADAPT’s website

ADAPT has a lengthy history of organizing and protesting for the rights of disabled Americans– and we want your stories! Interested in having a photo or blog post featured on our site? Keep reading!


Have any photographs from ADAPT events that you would like to see featured on our site? Want to send us a photo of yourself that carries a message about what ADAPT means to YOU? Fill out our photo release form, and email us your picture with your name and a brief image description. You are more than welcome to write a caption if you have anything to add.

Download our photo release form and email us at with the subject: “Photo for website”

Example of photo to send us:

Image description: A protest in NYC, where ADAPT-er Nina is sitting in her wheelchair holding a sign that says “CDPA GIVES ME FREEDOM.” There are a crowd of people walking/sitting behind her.

Your photo doesn’t have to be from an ADAPT event — it could be just of you holding up a sign with a disability rights slogan or with what ADAPT means to you!

Our blog

Have any thoughts on what conversations our chapter of ADAPT should be joining? Want to share with us your experience of the disability rights movement? Fill out the form below to share with us your ideas for a chance to be featured on the blog section of our website! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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